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Human and Animals

Humans and Animals are supposed to exist side by side within a peaceful symbiosis. We should not forget that we are dependant upon Animals. When we destroy a species, we are destroying ourselves in the same way

Princess Inaara

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Animals as therapists for humans

Contact with animals helps people cope with difficulties in life and it helps them to overcome stressful situations. It is love - something all humans crave regardless of age, illness or good health - that the animals provide. People feel acceptance, trust and confidence. The animal is a balm for the soul and a source of inner calm. Animals approach humans without prejudice, they accept what they find. They do not differentiate between young and old, sick or healthy, poor or rich. They do not feign feelings or unsolicited pity. This is why so many sick people experience contact with animals as genuine and relaxing. Animals are at the service of humans in many different ways, they should be respected and looked after, not abused.

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