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Begum Aga Khan supports 6th GRK Charity GOLF Masters

24th August 2013, Leipzig

From left to right : Lord Mayor of Leipzig, Burkhard Jung, Begum Aga Khan, GRK Board of Directors and initiator Stefen Göpel, a guest, gala moderator Peggy Schmidt and  State Minister for Social and Consumer Affairs of Saxony Christine Clauß handing over the cheque.

Sensational money-raising: 1 million € in a single evening

6th GRK Golf Charity Masters in Leipzig sets again a new record in donations by raising 1 million Euros. With donations totalling to 3.05 million Euros, this event is the most important fund-raising event for golf in Germany.

Her Highness the Begum Aga Khan, Dr. Auma Obama (sister of US president Barack Obama), Michael Ballack and Suzanne von Borsody were the prominent participants in the event. The funds raised will be distributed evenly among Elternhilfe für krebskranke Kinder Leipzig e.V., Kinderhospiz Bärenherz Leipzig, Hand in Hand for Africa and Ein Herz für Kinder.

“The support extended by this sporting event is not only a by-product, but was the wish and objective of the founder from the beginning”, says Begum Aga Khan, who has been actively involved in improving living conditions of humans and animals in need in Germany and abroad since two decades.

She had the following to say about the venue of 6th GRK Golf Charity Masters:
“For many centuries, Leipzig is known for its cultural creativity, as historical site of printing press, as one of the oldest universities, by its musical tradition and as global trade fair city - today also known by important companies located here. The image of a city with great tradition and successful entrepreneurs and citizens is enhanced by actions such as this event. It becomes a role model, when successful entrepreneurs are aware of their social responsibility and act accordingly”.

it is time for a paradigm shift

Begum Aga Khan expressed the following in her address: “…time for a paradigm shift in our society: there must be change in one’s views followed by corresponding action. An action that is aligned with the deepest desire and striving that we carry in our own selves as human beings, namely our quest for solidarity, compassion and humanity. When we rediscover this characteristic in ourselves and promote it, then our thinking and acting will be automatically beneficial to society and thus to every one of us…”